Australian property a long-term investment

If you are looking to invest in Australia’s off-plan property development to capitalise on the financial benefits from the capital appreciation to the rental yield, it is best to look at a long-term strategy.

Upcoming property locations

Across Australia, property markets experience ebbs and flows. The best options are to invest in off-plan opportunities that are within strategically located areas, where property growth is expected over time. Brisbane is prime example where infrastructure is currently underway in key sectors further increasing job opportunities and attracting individuals from across Australia to live in this region.

Look into the rental market

Once the property is officially developed and has been transferred to you, to ensure you still generate capital while holding onto the property, look at the potential of renting your property out. With the help from managing agents in Australia, you don’t have to worry about the admin behind renting out; they do it all for you. Additionally, the landlord is protected in Australia with weekly property inspections conducted and strict payment schemes put in place. This in turn will help pay towards monthly costs incurred through purchasing your property in Australia.

Less volatility

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is that property investments are a secure and stable investment solution. Depending on the areas, such as Brisbane, you can expect to see annual increases of up to 8%. With an off-plan property opportunity, you purchase at a set cost and can expect to see the value appreciate as construction and development continues.

With any property investment, the longer you hold onto property, the more you will benefit in the long run. Register your interest to learn more about the latest property investment opportunity launched through Invest Australia.

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