Australian property experiencing the buyer’s market

The stock market is volatile, and the Covid-19 pandemic has everyone spending a little less, making property a steady investment and a key asset to look into. With more property sales entering the market and not enough buyer’s to take advantage of this, the Australian economy is experiencing a property buyer’s market. With the Australian property scene in favour of the purchaser, we take a look at how you, a savvy investor, can take advantage of it.

Location, location, location

Whether the property market scale may be tipping in favour of the buyer or the seller, it is vital to invest in upcoming locations that will see growth and further investment. We have identified Brisbane as one of these key nodes that has significant development taking place within the area, creating job opportunities. It has also seen significant and continuous property value growth over the years. BIS Oxford Economics forecast Brisbane’s median house price to jump by 20% by 2022, compared to other regions such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin which are seen to only achieve only 7%.


The price-point sweet spot

As an offshore property investor, it is key to stick with an investment price range of between R4 to R5 million (this is about A$400 000 to A$500 000). For example, a recent Finder RBA Cash Rate Survey reveals that industry experts nominated Brisbane as the best city to invest AUD$500 000 in property.


By investing in a development through the Invest Australia campaign, you will have the expert advice and assistance from professionals who will facilitate in making your offshore purchase a seamless process. Contact our team and find out how you can take advantage of the buyer’s market within Australia and how you can hedge against a growing and strong currency

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