Invest Australia webinar – Why should you invest in Australia

Our first webinar unpacked why you should invest in Australia. The team behind the Invest Australia campaign provided a transparent and thorough look at how investors can capitalise on this first-world property market. Here are some insights taken from our panel of experts.

Offshore property investment opportunities

The question still stands – why has the Devmco Group decided to target the Australian property market? Devmco Group is a trusted and proudly South African developer, who are looking at diversifying their property portfolio abroad. In doing so, they have partnered with reputable Australian developers, Signature Holdings, who not only boast over 12 successful years in the property development game, but who are a part of every step of the process from architectural development, construction through to the rental management. Together, these experts facilitate and take the purchaser through each step, to ensure the application processes are seamless.

Identifying what the two markets want

Through this development partnership, Devmco Group help identify projects that would be suitable and in the right price range for South African investors. While the Signature Holding team research and identify areas the Australian market would want to live in, and thereafter curate products that are strategically placed within minutes from quality schools, universities, transport systems and hospitals. By positioning the right product for the Australian market, it ensures there is a rental demand and capital flow to the investor who buys into the various Australian opportunities they manage.

Numbers talk

Over the last few years, the Australian Dollar appreciated against the Rand and has averaged around 8%, with the current economic climate seeing it escalate even more. Additionally, you not only have the Rand/Australian Dollar hedge working in your favour, investing in an off-plan development you experience capital appreciation and will also be generating a rental yield.

If you have been curious about learning more about the companies involved, the process of investing in Australia, how it has become the fastest growing first-world property market, the growth trajectory, the benefits of a currency hedge and potential developments to invest in within this campaign; all of these questions and more are answered within this webinar session.

Take time to watch the webinar below and gain first-hand, exclusive insight into this property market.

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