The benefits of the short-term rental market

Traditionally, long-term rental opportunities have helped tick over payments for bonds and mortgages within Australia. They continue to be in demand as families, professionals and students seek out homes close to important amenities. Despite this rental market doing well, short-term opportunities have started to soar in the property market.

Performance of short-term rentals

The short-term rental market allows investors to generate the highest rental income possible. An Airbnb management company in Australia, MadeComfy, have reported that their customers have managed to achieve about a 40% higher rental income through their short-term rentals. Through the likes of Airbnb or other shorter rental management offerings, you have the opportunity of earning up to 11% and you are able to adjust your rates higher or lower to suit the season or demand.

Management of short-term rentals

You may be wondering how you would manage short-term rental properties if you live all the way in South Africa. With this you have options, you can sign up to the likes of Airbnb and manage the process yourself, or work with a property management association who can ensure your property is maintained, rented and all costs are paid – leaving you very little to do. Signature Holdings has teamed up with Devmco Group to ensure your property investment through this campaign is managed efficiently and effortlessly.


Property to invest in

In order for your short-term property to succeed and be in demand it is vital to invest in products that are central and in buzzing areas. Key facilities to have close by are public transport amenities, shopping centres, sports facilities, and popular restaurants and bars. Visitors enjoy being able to get around easily and having access to popular destinations.


Contact our Invest Australia campaign sales team, who will provide you with information on key property opportunities to invest in to take advantage of the short-term rental market

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